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When El Paso temperatures drop, you need to be able to count on a working furnace that will keep you warm through the winter. That’s why we offer El Paso HVAC maintenance for furnaces that are not only quality and long-lasting but also affordable. With a One Way contractor, you can prevent breakdowns and mechanical issues, and reduces the frequency of replacements, saving you money and stress.

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Keep Your Heater Running

The best way to keep your heater running this winter is to keep it maintained and well-serviced. While there are things you can do on your own, furnace maintenance and installation professionals can do much more. From checking your heating element and pilot light to your thermostat and electrical components, One Way will have every aspect of your furnace operating at its best.

Yearly Maintenance is Essential for Your El Paso Heating System

Yearly maintenance will ensure that your furnace will be ready and operational when cold weather hits El Paso. When One Way services and maintains your heater, we'll check for potential problems and heating repair them as needed. We'll also clean and service all the vital components of your heating system!

Check Out Our El Paso AC Maintenance Plan

Now that you know how important AC maintenance is, check out our top-of-the-line AC maintenance plan! This plan covers both your heating and cooling units and costs $216 for one unit and $312 for two units.

Summer Maintenance

  • One visit
  • Check refrigerant levels and perform a leak check
  • Inspect all electrical components, including thermostats, wiring contactors, breakers, and clear contacts.
  • Test high and low-pressure safeties and fan controls
  • Replace filters
  • Inspect the evaporator condenser and clean the coils
  • Inspect all belts
  • Inspect motors, bearings, and lubricate them
  • Check the operation of thermostat and controllers

Winter Maintenance

  • One visit
  • Clean ignition and flame sensor
  • Clean and inspect the furnace heat exchanger
  • Test for carbon monoxide and gas leaks
  • Inspect controls and safeties of the entire system
  • Test high and low-pressure safeties and fan controls
  • Replace filters
  • Inspect the evaporator condenser and clean the coils
  • Lubricate parts if necessary
  • Tighten electrical connections and check for proper voltage

Areas We Serve

We provide HVAC heating maintenance to all of El Paso and the surrounding areas, including Anthony, Canutillo, Horizon, Prado Verde, Elizario, Socorro, and Vinton. Contact us to find out if you're in our maintenance range and how we can help today!

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Why Choose Us

With more than a decade of furnace maintenance and heating installation experience, nobody does it better than One Way. We take a great deal of pride in our work and make it a priority to check everything and anything on your heating system. You can rest assured that your unit will be operational, efficient, and affordable when winter rolls around.


Choose One Way for Heating Maintenance

If you don't want to take any chances and be certain that your heating system is ready to go this winter, contact us at One Way. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the winter months with a well-maintained furnace that’s ready to heat!

We have some of the best plans and financing options for heating maintenance in El Paso for you to choose from. And if you’re interested in our other HVAC services, such as heating repair and installation, as well as AC maintenance and installation, you can count on us to deliver excellent results at a low cost.

Contact us online or call (915) 525-5737 for more information about our heating maintenance services in El Paso today!

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